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Review Roundup! August 23-Sept 8

B 12 with MIC
B 12 Injections
September 8, 2018
Vitamin C IV Therapy
Vitamin C IV Therapy
September 13, 2018

Review Roundup! August 23-Sept 8

AZ IV Medics Reviews

It’s been a busy couple weeks for AZ IV Medics! A couple of back-to-school viruses were making the rounds, so we had a lot of calls for IV treatments for nausea and vomiting.

We’re also still dealing with extreme heat here in the Valley of the Sun… while we might have started sipping on our Pumpkin Spice Lattes last week, dehydration is still the name of the game. A quick bag of IV fluids is usually enough to revive our clients, but many people lately have been choosing to add an extra bag. It’s a cost effective way to ensure 100% rehydration.

IV vitamin infusions remain popular – many customers love our intravenous fluids and vitamins for their health & wellness benefits, as well as to boost their immunity as we head into flu season.

Speaking of flu season – get your flu shots and keep us on speed dial! Did you see the airplane that was quarantined in New York City last week due to illness on board? Yep, it was the flu – Influenza A has arrived on the shores of the USA, and if you had the flu last year (me!) you won’t want to take any chances of dealing with that again.

Now here are the latest reviews from our loyal fans!

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Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson is the marketing & content director for AZ IV Medics, a Phoenix, Arizona-based mobile IV therapy company. Jamie has her BA from Drake University in Public Relations, lives in North Phoenix with her husband & 2 kids, and enjoys long walks through her favorite Scottsdale Whole Foods supplement section.

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