COVID-19 IV Treatments


We Treat Covid-19 Patients and Symptoms!

We have treated hundreds of patients over the course of the pandemic that have had Covid-19 positive tests or Covid positive symptoms. We have also served those who had Covid-19 in the past or have had family members who have tested positive. We will continue to do so while following the CDC's guidelines until the virus is under control.

We also offer mobile Covid-19 testing along with our Covid-19 IV treatments. For a limited time, enjoy 10% off any IV therapy package in conjunction with a Covid-19 test. Learn more about our Covid-19 testing here.


Our Precautions

Our top priority is always the safety and health of our staff, and by ensuring they are healthy we can provide the safest patient care.

  • We require all of our staff to wear PPE and take universal precautions for droplet protection
  • Our staff wear gloves, masks, and sometimes gowns. We can treat Covid-19 patients outside in open air, in the garage, or by the pool
  • We triage our patients before we administer our IV Treatment
  • Prior to your IV, we assess your vital signs to ensure you are in good health

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the mega myers cocktail iv bag

Our Recommended IV Treatment for Covid-19 Symptoms

The IV treatment we'd recommend to fight Covid-19 is the Mega Myer's Cocktail along with these additions:

  • - 5g of Vitamin C
  • - 1000mg of Glutathione
  • - 500mg of Magnesium
  • - 20mg of Zinc
  • - 200mg of B-complex including B1
  • - We can also treat Nausea with Zofran
  • - We can give pepcid to help with the GI symptoms as well


AZ IV Medics Covid-19 Response

The entire Arizona IV Medics team is committed to serving the Phoenix community during this challenging time. We are continually monitoring the CDC guidelines and will stay flexible to ensure we can make the necessary changes to our IV treatment services when needed. Our priority is to serve our community safely and continue to provide the best quality of care to our patients.


How IVs Can Help

If you are struggling to breathe or at a serious health risk call 911. If you are just feeling ill or symptomatic, dehydrated, nauseous, vomiting, having diarrhea, body aches or just received a positive test we can treat your symptoms! We'd recommend including these in your IV treatment:


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AZ IV Medics is now offering Covid-19 Testing!

An Arizona IV Nurse wearing personal protection equipment before going to treat a patient for dehydration in Phoenix Arizona

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