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Staying Hydrated on the Job in Phoenix – In Home IV Fluids

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August 6, 2018
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Staying Hydrated on the Job in Phoenix – In Home IV Fluids

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Live in Phoenix and work outside in the summer? You know better than anyone that the words “dry heat” don’t mean much when the heat index is over 100.

In fact, working outside in Phoenix can be downright dangerous. According to National Geographic, a outdoor worker can lose up to 2 liters per hour when he is outside in the heat, but a study done by the Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Military Nutrition Research looking closer at soldiers in the desert heat puts the range at 3-4 liters lost per hour!

Whether it’s 1 liter or 4 liters, the reality is that you’re likely losing more fluid than you can effectively replace through drinking water alone. The human body can uptake about .8-1 liters of fluid per hour, and that’s impacted by many factors including the health of your organs and your current electrolyte balance. If you’re losing it even just a bit faster than you’re taking it in, you are at risk for dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and even heat stroke.

Once you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated to a certain degree. Keeping up with your fluid levels on a hot day can be extra difficult, as the thirst response tends to lag your actual level of dehydration. Caffeine or alcohol containing beverages can make things worse.

In home IV fluids offer the perfect solution for those days when you just can’t keep up with the heat. If you get home from working outside in the Phoenix sun and feel like you just can’t rehydrate on your own, AZ IV Medics can bring IV fluids to your home and get you rehydrated, fast.

Simply give us a call or text when you’re ready to book in home IV fluids! We are always ready to send an experienced medic or RN to your door!

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Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson is the marketing & content director for AZ IV Medics, a Phoenix, Arizona-based mobile IV therapy company. Jamie has her BA from Drake University in Public Relations, lives in North Phoenix with her husband & 2 kids, and enjoys long walks through her favorite Scottsdale Whole Foods supplement section.

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