Mobile IV Hydration Therapy in Scottsdale

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August 10, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Mobile IV Hydration Therapy in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is one of the valley cities we serve with Mobile IV Hydration Therapy, and as a premiere resort destination; Scottsdale has been called “A desert version of south beach Miami” and as having “plenty of late-night partying and a buzzing hotel scene.” Its slogan is “The West’s Most Western Town.”  So, if you travel to Scottsdale to stay at the W hotel, the Princess Resort or visit the Scottsdale Quarter, and maybe have a little too much fun, we are glad to come to your hotel and save your precious time off work.  In 2019 peoples time away from work is precious, and we can help you enjoy your vacation and maximize the time you can spend enjoying yourself.  We provide mobile IV Hydration Therapy in Scottsdale. 

How can mobile IV hydration therapy help me enjoy my Scottsdale vacation?  Well, this is the valley of the sun, even our mild winters are a dramatic change for folks coming from colder climates, 75-80 degrees doesn’t sound warm until you are outside for 18 holes.  This fast climate change and our lack of humidity can quickly dehydrate travelers.  Add in a couple more holes of golf, a couple of hours of fun in the sun, and a few adult beverages and you can quickly find yourself extremely uncomfortable.  Add in some mystery tacos, or a guy coughing on you on the plane ride in, or the tell-tale body ache the announces the arrival of the flu, and instead of enjoying yourself you are googling for local urgent cares to get relief.  Urgent cares centers in Scottsdale do not offer IV Therapy. Only ERs offer IV Hydration.  Urgent cares typically staff one provider who is a Nurse practioner or a Physician’s Assistant and some medical assistants, they may or may not know how to start IVs, and if they do, they typically don’t have experience or the supplies to offer what we can.  If you google “Mobile IV Therapy Scottsdale” or “Mobile IV Scottsdale” you will get plenty of results for Mobile IV hydration companies, if you take a look into these businesses, you will quickly see that we have the most positive reviews, the largest social media reach, and the best staff.  We don’t solicit reviews, all of our Five-star reviews are genuine, sick people called us for help and they got relief and felt like they should share that positive experience on social.  So, if you are in Scottsdale, trust AZ IV Medics for help.

Arizona IV Medics is based in Goodyear, Arizona. Created in 2016 by Firefighter Paramedics, AZ IV Medics has the most experience providing on demand IV hydration in the comfort of home, hotel or business. For mobile IV therapy in Scottsdale, please visit azivmedics.com, or call/text our triage desk at (623) 521-5034 to find out more.

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