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Myers’ IV Therapy

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Myers’ IV Therapy

Myers' IV Therapy

Myers’ Cocktail – Phoenix

Myers’ IV therapy – sometimes called a “Myers’ Cocktail,” is one of the most well-known IV vitamin therapy mixtures used today. AZ IV Medics can bring the Myer’s Cocktail to your home or office anytime, anywhere in Phoenix.

The Myers’ Cocktail was invented in the 1960s by Dr. John Myers, a Maryland M.D. who used weekly IV vitamin infusion therapy to treat patients with a huge variety of chronic illnesses. Upon Dr. Myers’ death, his colleague took over his practice and found that without weekly or monthly IV therapy many patients had their chronic symptoms return. He proceeded to use the Myers’ Cocktail over 15,000 times in his practice, diligently recording results and promoting the therapy to thousands of doctors.

Over 1,000 physicians in the U.S. use the Myers IV therapy protocol today to help with conditions such as asthma, migraines and fibromyalgia.

AZ IV Medics now offers this handcrafted blend of our most effective vitamin therapy add-ons at the special price of $175 (the cost for this blend a la carte would be $225!)

What is in a Myers’ Cocktail?

Myers’ IV therapy consists of a blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and balanced fluids designed to re-hydrate and replenish you at a cellular level. The cocktail includes:

Why can’t I just take the vitamins in a Myers’ Cocktail orally?

One of the major benefits of IV vitamin infusions is that the vitamins and fluids completely bypass your stomach and digestive system, going straight into your blood and cells where they are needed.

In today’s world, almost everyone has issues with digestion – leaky gut, celiac disease, heartburn, indigestion, ulcers and a host of stomach and bowel issues are everyday life for many people. These issues hinder your body from breaking down and assimilating vitamin pills as effectively through your gut.

IV vitamins and minerals are also manufactured in their most bio-available form, meaning they are the kind your body actually can use without a ton of processing. IV vitamins also aren’t combined with fillers and preservatives. We purchase them fresh and always keep them refrigerated, ensuring your vitamin infusion is top-quality.

What conditions is a Myers’ Cocktail good for?

Myers’ IV therapy is great for:

Who should get Myers’ IV therapy?

Everyone! Really – just about everyone can benefit from an infusion of hydration, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Giving your body the extra nutrients included in a Myers’ Cocktail to work with can help with so many under-the-surface things, like helping to prevent cancer,  boosting your immunity and even giving you more natural energy. If you get the chance to try Myers’ IV therapy, go for it!

Ready for your Myers’ Cocktail from AZ IV Medics? We are ready to help!

We have experienced medics & RNs all over Phoenix ready to come to your home or office & help you feel better. Contact us now to feel better fast!

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