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New! Printable IV Therapy Menus

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New! Printable IV Therapy Menus

IV Therapy Pricing

Ever wanted to have all of our in-home IV therapy package & pricing info all in one snazzy document? Know you want some extra IV vitamins, but not sure which ones you need (or what they can do for you?) Wish you could give that less-than-web-saavy friend or loved one a simple, printable, all-in-one menu with explanations?

We have you covered! Introducing the new downloadable & printable menu! All of the info you’ve been pining for, in one convenient PDF file.

 Simply click the image above to open the PDF menu, then save it to your device or print it out as needed!

The first page has details about our packages – Gold, Silver & Bronze – as well as basic information about the extras we can add to your IV to kick it up a notch.

If you’re looking for greater detail about what each of our vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are actually doing for you, page 2 is perfect for you! You will learn why glutathione IVs might just be the fountain of youth, how Vitamin C may help fight viruses and cancers, and how most adults are chronically deficient in magnesium leading to stress (I know I was – after my first magnesium IV I felt more relaxed than I have in years, and I even supplement!)

Then simply give us a call or text when you’re ready to book in-home IV therapy! We are always ready to send an experienced medic or RN to your door!

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IV Therapy Pricing

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Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson is the marketing & content director for AZ IV Medics, a Phoenix, Arizona-based mobile IV therapy company. Jamie has her BA from Drake University in Public Relations, lives in North Phoenix with her husband & 2 kids, and enjoys long walks through her favorite Scottsdale Whole Foods supplement section.

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