Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Bujak

D r. Nicholas Bujak is the Medical Director for us at AZ IV Medics. He also runs an OB-GYN practice in the Phoenix area. Dr. Bujak has provided quality services for nearly 10 years. Dr. Bujak is professionally trained and has a superb track record of providing patients with a variety of quality medical services. Dr. Bujak treats each and every patient in his practice with concern and compassion, and provides traditional care with an integrative approach in order to make sure your medical needs are met.

Dr. Bujak truly has a heart for every one of his patients. Whether his patients are paying him or not, he works individually with everyone in order to form a better understanding of their needs and to take an integrated approach to care and treatment that ensures quality medical service with as little complication as possible. Our doctor recognizes the importance of offering affordable services all over Arizona.

Dr. Bujak's Experience

  • Board Certified
  • 10 Years of Experience
  • Featured in Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doctors of 2014

Years of Experience