Pam McLeod BSN, RN

pam mcleod wearing an az iv medic uniform

Pam comes to us with just over 18 years of nursing experience and specializes in IV service in Surprise, Arizona. Mostly focusing on pediatrics and critical care medicine, she also found a love for holistic treatments years ago working for a naturopathic physician for 5 years. Pam started her nursing career in 2004 as an LPN and has made her way over the years to an advanced RN with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree.

Outside of work she has a major love of fitness and has two young little boys who have paved the way for in-depth knowledge of body systems and how vitamins and our genetic make-up play a role in our daily functioning. She is the one who brings a smile to our employees and positivity when we need it most, no doubt that is how you will find your IV experience as well.

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    Excellent service! Pam was not only prompt and professional she explained everything to my son and made the whole procedure positive. Pam is a very knowledgeable professional with excellent clinical skills! I highly recommend AZ IV Medics!
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    Pam was great. Was very nice and pleasant to talk to while getting the IV. Really nice first experience.