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Waste Management Phoenix Open

January 10, 2019
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January 31, 2019

Waste Management Phoenix Open

Jan 23, 2019 – When the Waste Management Phoenix Open goes down there’s no question the Phoenix economy goes up – it received a nearly $400 million boost in 2018. But while much of that money goes to national companies like major hotel, retail and restaurant chains, locally owned businesses are also hustling to prepare for the influx of visitors ready to have a good time.

“It’s by far our busiest week of the year,” says Kirk Wilson, manager & co-owner of Arizona IV Medics, an on-demand IV therapy company that delivers IV hydration and vitamins to homes, hotels and businesses all over Phoenix. “The Waste Management Phoenix Open is such a huge event for small businesses like ours – it boosts our business in the short term and the long term, as people try out our service and then continue to call us throughout the year.”

This time of year Wilson can barely make it out of Scottsdale long enough to get back to his office and replenish his IV supplies.

“With such a high concentration of people in Scottsdale for things like the Phoenix Open and Barrett Jackson, and then rolling right into Spring Training and Spring Break, we see a lot of stomach bugs, influenza, food poisoning, migraines. Fluids can really help with the symptoms of these illnesses,” says Wilson, a seasoned Phoenix ER nurse with over 10 years of experience specializing in patients with difficult-to-access veins.

But illness isn’t the only reason clients call Arizona IV Medics. IV fluids are also a potent hangover remedy, and the past 5 years have even seen a number of IV companies pop up all over the country dedicated to alleviating tough hangovers – most notably in many Las Vegas casinos.

With the Waste Management Phoenix Open being referred to as the “Wasted” Management Phoenix Open by Golf Digest, there’s no better weekend to be in the business of delivering hangover help directly to Scottsdale’s finest homes and resorts.

“At least 60% of our Waste Management business is hangovers – lots of groups, bachelor parties, things like that. People are out all day, drinking alcohol under the Arizona sun in our dry climate, and they aren’t ever drinking enough water. The next morning they have that headache, but they also want to enjoy the rest of their vacation. We help with deep hydration that’s absorbed quickly – people feel like they come back to life in just the 30 minutes it takes for a liter of fluids.”

Wilson has been staffing up over the past month to prepare for the WMPO, and his team is excited for what they are calling their business’s version of Black Friday. He plans to have nurses available on-demand in Scottsdale and surrounding areas 24 hours a day throughout the Open, and expects to see Scottsdale business remain strong throughout February and March.

“Big events are a blessing to local businesses. Sure, they help the big guys like the resorts and the huge national chains, which is great. It creates those jobs and opportunities and I’m all for it. But there’s also a huge economic impact for smaller, local businesses, meaning more of that money actually stays in Phoenix long term. It’s a great thing for the whole community.”

Arizona IV Medics is based in Goodyear, Arizona. Created in 2016 by USAF veterans and local firemen Matt Heistan and Jonny Weber, they now have a team of nurses across Phoenix ready to provide on demand IV fluids, vitamins and select medications in the comfort of the home, office or hotel. Find out more at azivmedics.com or by calling (623) 521-5034.

Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson is the marketing & content director for AZ IV Medics, a Phoenix, Arizona-based mobile IV therapy company. Jamie has her BA from Drake University in Public Relations, lives in North Phoenix with her husband & 2 kids, and enjoys long walks through her favorite Scottsdale Whole Foods supplement section.

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