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Why IV Hydration at Home?

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August 6, 2018

Why IV Hydration at Home?

IV Hydration Therapy Phoenix

When people find out I have a business offering IV hydration at home, people inevitably ask me why? Why not just drink water?

Well, the easy answer is that IV Saline has a dramatic effect on your health. Hydration and maintaining it, is a complex balancing act, between food, water, electrolytes, kidney function, and activity levels. Most people are chronically slightly dehydrated; Arizona is hot and dry year round, add in an illness, a night out drinking, a hard obstacle course race, flu, or viral illness and you are quickly clinically dehydrated.

So if the pace of your life is like most peoples’, the easy answer is to call AZ IV Medics for a liter of IV hydration at home. Add vitamins for extra immunity & energy with the Myers’ Cocktail, bringing your body back up to it’s optimum level. All without the inconvenience and expense of going to an Emergency Room. Most Urgent Cares have cut staffing to a single provider, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant and do not offer IV hydration therapy. People from all walks of life can now have access to what firefighters, nurses, and paramedics have know for years….

A liter of fluid makes a HUGE difference in how you feel, the duration of a illness, and can help you preform at your best.

Ready for IV hydration at home? Call or text (623) 521-5034 today!

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