Covid-19 Testing


Mobile Covid-19 Testing in Arizona

That's right, Arizona IV Medics provides in-home Covid-19 testing to all patients no matter your symptoms or location. As long as you're in the surrounding Phoenix AZ area, our nurses will come to you equipped with a Covid-19 test. Our nurses arrive in full PPE and can give you your results in 15 minutes. Call us today to schedule your test!


Covid-19 Testing Details

  • The test is administered via a nasal swab
  • Get your results in 15 minutes
  • For active Covid-19 invections only
  • Our Covid-19 tests cost $150
  • 10% off for corporate partners
  • 10% off any IV therapy package in conjunction with the test

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We Also Offer Covid-19 IV Treatments

Whether you test positive for Covid-19 or not, it's a good idea to give your immune system a boost if you're feeling sick. We've created a specific IV treatment just for covid-19 symptoms and for a limited time, all IV therapy packages are 10% off when you get a Covid-19 test as well! Learn more about our Covid-19 IV therapy treatments.

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AZ IV Medics is now offering Covid-19 Testing!

An Arizona IV Nurse wearing personal protection equipment before going to treat a patient for dehydration in Phoenix Arizona

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