Covid-19 Testing


Mobile Covid-19 Testing in Arizona

That's right, Arizona IV Medics provides in-home Covid-19 testing to all patients no matter your symptoms or location. As long as you're in the surrounding Phoenix AZ area, our nurses will come to you equipped with a Covid-19 test. Our nurses arrive in full PPE and can give you your results in 15 minutes. Call us today to schedule your test!

Rapid Covid-19 At-Home Testing Details

  • The test is administered via a nasal swab
  • Get your results in 15 minutes
  • For active Covid-19 invections only
  • Our Covid-19 tests cost $150
  • 10% off for corporate partners
  • 10% off any IV therapy package in conjunction with the test
  • We use the Covid-19 Carestep Antigen Test
  • We can also provide a Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Test using the Fastep Antibody Test

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We Also Offer Rapid Antibody Testing in Arizona

For those who believe they may have already contracted Covid-19, Arizona IV Medics also provides at-home rapid Covid-19 antibody tests. These look for the presence of antibodies — proteins made specifically in response to a particular infection. The presence of antibodies in the blood shows your body's efforts to fight off the virus.

Our Mobile Rapid Antibody Tests costs $125 and is available to anyone in the surrounding Phoenix area. Our nurses arrive in full PPE and can give you your results in 15 minutes. Book a test online today!


Reach Out For Mobile Covid-19 Tests - Results in 15 Minutes!


Why Choose AZ IV Medics for Rapid Covid-19 Testing?

If you have been exposed to Covid-19, Arizona IV Medics gives you a safe, private and effective way to get tested for the coronavirus. Our mobile Covid-19 tests can be performed in the comfort of your Arizona home or office. We offer individuals, families and corporations convenient, at-home coronavirus testing services so you can play your part and stop the spread.

Not sure if you should get tested? If the following criteria apply to you, you should choose our convenient at-home Covid-19 tests in Arizona:

  • You're displaying symptoms of Covid-19, including fever, cough, loss of taste or shortness of breath.
  • You've had close contact with someone who has contracted the virus.
  • You've traveled to a Covid-19 "hot spot."
  • You're required to receive a Covid-19 test for business or travel purposes.
  • Your health care provider has referred you for testing.

We Also Offer Covid-19 IV Treatments

Whether you test positive for Covid-19 or not, it's a good idea to give your immune system a boost if you're feeling sick. We've created a specific IV treatment just for covid-19 symptoms and for a limited time, all IV therapy packages are 10% off when you get a Covid-19 test as well! Learn more about our Covid-19 IV therapy treatments.

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Last Reviewed on 2/26/2021 by Matt Hesitan and Dr. Hale