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At Arizona IV Medics, we deliver energy, wellness and vital life force to your door through group IV therapy. Wellness-based care is critical to restoring your health and helping you feel strong, energetic and revitalized. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hydration delivered through IV therapy can help you and your group regain much-needed energy.

What Is Group IV Therapy?

When you’re together with friends, colleagues or family for a special occasion, the last thing you want to do is interrupt the event to go to the ER for IV treatment to rehydrate, help a hangover, rejuvenate your body or recover from fatigue or illness.

Plus, when you hydrate as a group, you save a lot! Prices typically range from $120-$200 a person, but good things come in groups. Hydrate together and save!

Good things come in groups. Hydrate together and save!

  • 4-9-patients, 10% off
  • 10-19-patients 15%off
  • 20+-20%off
Plus, the usual price for our best-selling Myers cocktail is $200 per person, but you can get the following group discount:

  • $180 per person for 4-9 patients
  • $170 per person for 10-19 patients
  • $160 per person for 20 patients and above

Groups That Use IV Drip Therapy

In-home IV hydration delivers IV therapy to you and your group, so your event doesn’t end abruptly. We come to your group whether you’re at home, a hotel, an office or an event anywhere in Arizona from Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Tempe, Flagstaff and beyond.

Group IV therapy is ideal for:

  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Job sites and offices
  • Families who catch an illness or get food poisoning
  • Groups after holiday celebrations, such as St. Patrick’s Day or Fourth of July
  • Soccer, football, wrestling, MMA and swimming pros
  • Athletic events with large groups, including Tough Mudders, marathons, Spartan Races, 5ks and more
  • Athletes before competition or after competition of a dehydrating sport

When you choose Arizona IV Medics for your group IV therapy, our team will assess the condition of everyone in the group, perform physical exams, make reviews and recommend IV treatment plans that suit everyone. A medical professional will then visit your location at your preferred time within the same hour you call us and administer IV therapy to your group in the comfort of your home, hotel, office or party space.

The medic will monitor the IV treatment, ensuring everything goes smoothly while answering any questions so everyone can have peace of mind. We’ll provide fast and efficient service, all while helping you and your group recover from a hangover, feel rejuvenated and revitalized, and enjoy a great time at the event.

Group IV Therapy in Arizona

Arizona IV Medics offers group IV therapy you can count on wherever you are, and whatever your symptoms include, whether it's from dehydration, a hangover, migraine or food poisoning. Our treatments take only about 30-40 minutes per person. Do you have any questions or want to learn more about the group IV therapy service we provide? Simply call us at 623-521-5034, text us at 623-521-5034 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Last Reviewed by Matt Heistan on August 9, 2019