Tips for an Epic Halloween Party: Goulish Games, Deadly Drinks and More!

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Tips for an Epic Halloween Party: Goulish Games, Deadly Drinks and More!


Halloween is right around the corner, bringing plenty of opportunity for mischief — and creative home crafts! If you’re planning to host a party this year, there’s no shortage of ways to spice up the holiday with something new. Between Halloween party activities, twisted cocktail concoctions and spooky decorations, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for an unforgettable bash.

All Hallows’ Eve Activities

Embrace the whimsy of this seasonal celebration with some festive activities, perfect for kids of all ages. Planning on an adults-only gathering? These adult Halloween games can be just as fun around a backyard fire or with a drink in hand.

1. Fall Bowling Alley

Bring the classic bowling alley activity right to your backyard with a little DIY hay bale lane.

2. Spooky Piñata

We’re never too old for a classic piñata! Give your party’s piñata a themed flair by designing a ghost or pumpkin or another classic Halloween icon.

3. Dangling Donuts

If you’re looking to throw a cheap party, dangling for apples is a cost-effective activity that will get your friends laughing at each other’s antics.

Eerie Decorations

A successful Halloween party is all about setting the stage. These eerie ideas should inspire a truly magical night — no witchcraft required:

  • Haunted house: Set up some fake spiderwebs, plastic skulls and orange lights — and don’t forget the scary playlist!
  • Creepy candlesticks: Place black candlesticks in old wine bottles. Light them ahead of time to let the black wax drip down.
  • Festive menu: Use Halloween colors for your table setting and set out delicious festive foods.
  • Seasonal lanterns: Paint old tins bright orange and cut out a pumpkin in each for seasonal lanterns that double as Halloween party favors.

Deadly Drinks

Your cocktail bar is the perfect opportunity to infuse some Halloween magic! Try your hand at these delicious drinks:

  • Pumpkin spice white Russian: Give this classic drink some seasonal flair by adding a dash of pumpkin spice seasoning.
  • Bloody rosemary cocktails: Put a spicy twist on a traditional Bloody Mary with some salt, fresh herbs and a splash of your favorite Tabasco sauce.
  • Blood orange blackberry rum punch: Mix fresh fruit, blackberry soda and a slice of blood orange with a generous serving of rum.

Help Your Halloween Hangover

For many Halloween partygoers, the scariest part of the holiday isn’t the haunted house or spooky costumes — it’s the hangover that awaits the next morning. If you want to enjoy your Halloween festivities and cocktails without the subsequent headache and fatigue, there’s a simple solution.

AZ IV Medics offers a simple hangover IV treatment. Our Myers’ Cocktail IV is a convenient package that can help you beat your hangover quickly by soothing your symptoms, rehydrating your body and providing a generous infusion of healthy vitamins. Our Myers’ IV bag contains a mixture of saline, vitamins and anti-nausea medication to help you feel like yourself again in no time.

Order Your Hangover IV Drip Right to Your Home

If you decide that a hangover IV is better than waiting out your side effects, simply give Arizona IV Medics a call. One of our qualified nurses or paramedics will arrive at your home promptly to administer the IV — no need to travel when you just want to stay in bed!

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Last Reviewed by Matt Heistan on October 1, 2020.

Matt Heistan
Matt Heistan
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