IV Services in Arizona

What Are IVs Used For?

When you think of an IV, you generally think of a hospital and a sick patient. That’s not always the case. IV services are offered to help ease several conditions, and they’re great for wellness. Plus, they can be delivered from the comfort of your home or office.

At AZ IV Medics, our services involve rehydrating and adding a combination of nutrients and medication to your body, depending on the symptoms you’re experiencing. The IV fluids help relieve uncomfortable symptoms and speed up your recovery from conditions like hangovers, nausea and food poisoning.

We understand it can be difficult to visit an emergency room when your body is weak from drinking too much alcohol or from cold and flu. That’s why we come to you. All you have to do is get in touch with us and tell us about your condition. We’ll send our certified medics to your home, office or hotel room to assess your condition and give you an IV based on your symptoms.

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Our Most Popular IV Service - $200

Our most popular IV therapy package is known at the Myers' Cocktail. This IV is known for knock out a ton of symptoms associated with the IV uses mentioned on this page. It's packed with the vitamins other IV packages don't have include.
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The Many Uses of IVs

Our IVs can help alleviate an array of conditions. Some of these conditions include:

  • Hangovers: AZ IV Medics' hangover treatment is a fast and effective way to get rid of a hangover after a night out partying. We combat hangover symptoms in about 30-60 minutes to help you get back to normal business. Besides rehydrating your body, our IV treatments help cleanse your system.
  • Dehydration: If you’ve been dehydrated from kayaking, hiking or another outdoor activity, our IV treatment can help restore fluids to your body to get you feeling refreshed and revitalized in no time. Our dehydration IV therapy contains IV fluids, minerals and electrolytes necessary for the body.
  • Recovery: Workout recovery is as important as the workout itself. Our IV treatment helps to speed recovery after your workout session. It restores fluids, vitamins and electrolytes that may have been lost during exercise and promotes physical wellness.  This can help with muscle cramps you may be experiencing.
  • Lack of energy before athletic events: You don’t have to derail your athletic preparation due to a lack of energy. IV therapy provides you with an extra bit of natural energy that your body requires to keep going. It also provides the body with essential minerals for improved wellness and performance.
  • Flu and colds: The common cold and flu should never bring you down. Instead, you should be the one knocking flu and cold symptoms out with our IV therapy.
  • Food poisoning: Suffering from food poisoning or a stomach bug? Our IV drips can help you feel better by quickly eliminating food poisoning symptoms like vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.
  • Altitude sickness: If you have just arrived in Arizona and you’re experiencing altitude sickness, then our IV therapy is the fastest way to combat the symptoms. If you want to visit the mountains, consider adding a little oxygen to prepare your body for the change in altitude.
  • Nausea: If you’re struggling with nausea, then IV drips are the remedy. IV fluids contain dextrose saline that helps knock out nausea.
  • Migraine: Migraines should never prevent you from making the most of your day. Thanks to our IV services, you can ease migraine in a few minutes so that you can go about your day normally.
  • Fatigue: Do you feel exhausted all the time? Or do you get tired midway through your workday? Spare a few minutes of your time so we can help you defeat chronic fatigue with our IV fluid therapy.
  • Colonoscopy Recovery: We offer pain medications as add-ins for your package to help with recovery, and the fluids are great when preparing for a colonoscopy!
  • Digestive Conditions: Our patients have used our services for numerous digestive conditions such as diarrhea and constipation.
  • Cancer Treatment: Common cancer treatments used such as chemotherapy and radiation can leave patients fatigued and possibly with other side effects like nausea or headaches.  IV therapy has helped many of our patients alleviate the symptoms they're experiencing as side effects of their cancer treatment.
  • Autoimmune Disorders: Patients with autoimmune disorders such as POTS syndrome can experience uncomfortable symptoms.  IV therapy may help alleviate those symptoms when they're just too much to bear.

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IVs can alleviate symptoms of many conditions and illnesses. Don’t let anything derail your daily activities. We can help you hydrate by making recommendations on what package you should get to feel your best based on your symptoms. Schedule your IV therapy now by calling us or contacting us online!

Last Reviewed by Matt Heistan on September 22, 2020