IVs for Athletes

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IVs for Athletic Performance and Recovery

Athletes know better than anyone that getting the right hydration can make or break your performance as well as your ability to recover your full strength quickly. Dehydration results in performance loss through:

  • Reducing the amount of blood the heart pumps with each beat
  • Reducing oxygen flow to exercising muscles
  • Precipitating premature exhaustion

Dehydration inhibits the body's ability to flush out the by-products of exercise, too, leading to sluggish recovery after the event.

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Recommended Package:

Our recommended IV when either recovering from an athletic event or preparing for one is the Myers' Cocktail, which costs $175 for in-home service anywhere in our service areas! IV therapy gives athletes a convenient way to achieve optimal hydration, along with the boost that comes with a variety of vitamins, fluids, and antioxidants.

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When Athletes Should Get IV Therapy

What are the most appropriate times for athletes to take advantage of intravenous infusions?

1. Post-Event for Endurance Athletics

Sports where endurance is key take a lot out of an athlete. Football, soccer and anything that involves running can cause athletes to lose critical vitamins and minerals in addition to water, leaving them to replenish a host of nutrients after the event. Water and sports drinks can get an athlete part of the way there, but IV infusions provide the complete package in a short amount of time, bypassing the digestive system and immediatly rehydrating.

2. Pre-Event for Weight-Cutting Events

IV therapy can be the perfect solution for events that involve weight-cutting or high heat exposure. The vitamins and minerals can help by giving the body what it needs to operate optimally and promote weight loss. Athletes in wrestling, boxing, MMA or similar weight-cutting sports can gain an edge through the use of athlete IV treatments.  The ideal time to IV rehydrate is immediately after you make weight, giving yourself the longest window to recover.

Is IV Therapy Legal For Athletes?

IV therapy is absolutely legal, but athletes must consult the governing bodies of their sports to make sure it is allowed. IV hydration is not allowed for WADA and USADA tested athletes, as well as athletes licensed under the boxing commission of Arizona, as they adopted the USADA standard. In some cases, IV therapy may be permitted but held to certain amounts, or it may be restricted around competition times. For example, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) divides its list of prohibited substances into three categories:

  • Prohibited at all times
  • Prohibited in-competition
  • Prohibited in particular sports

IV therapy is allowed, but only in amounts of 100mL or less per 12-hour period. However, WADA has some of the strictest standards out there, and athletes should always check with their governing bodies to determine if there are any rules regarding IVs.

Athletic IVs From Arizona IV Medics

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies, and optimizing performance requires both pre-event hydration and post-event recovery. IV infusions are an ideal solution to both these needs, allowing athletes to receive the hydration and nutrients they need right in the comfort of their own home. 

If you'd like to experience the benefits of in-home mobile IV therapy, Arizona IV Medics is the service to select. Contact us online or call us at 623-521-5034 to schedule your appointment and see how IV therapy can enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Last Reviewed by Matt Heistan on January 13, 2020