IVs for the Common Cold


IV Therapy For The Cold

Head colds are something everyone has dealt with, and they are never fun. Despite your best efforts at hand-washing and other cold prevention measures, you'll eventually come down with one and have to cope with the symptoms as your body fights off the infection. Drinking plenty of water and eating right can help, but the swiftest way to feel better is to try IV for cold symptoms.


Recommended Cold IV Package:


Our recommended IV for the common cold is the Myers' Cocktail. This package will rehydrate you and zinc has been known to shorten the length of illnesses. We can also make recommendations on additional add-ins based on your cold symptoms.

Recommended Package for Colds: Myers' Cocktail With Zinc

At Arizona IV Medics, you have a variety of IV therapy packages to choose from. The one best suited to alleviating cold symptoms is the Myers' Cocktail, a blend of saline solution with six vitamins and minerals, including zinc. 

Although there's no cure for the common cold, zinc has been proven to shorten the length of illness. An analysis of three studies shows that zinc can help you get over your cold three times faster.  Addtionally Zinc Deficency is very common, and it plays a big role in  several processes in your body.

Symptoms of the Common Cold That Can Be Treated With an IV

While zinc works to make your cold shorter, the other ingredients in the Myers' Cocktail combat the following common symptoms of the cold:

  • Nausea: While uncommon with colds, some people experience nausea that makes even basic tasks feel miserable.
  • Dehydration: The body can't effectively fight off illness in a state of dehydration, and it's also hard to stay properly hydrated when you're suffering from other symptoms.
  • Low energy: Colds can make it tough to get out of bed and perform your daily tasks.
  • Body aches: Colds often come with significant discomfort in the form of aching muscles. 
  • Headaches or migraines: If you need to be productive during a cold, headaches and migraines are two of the biggest roadblocks in your way. 

The Myers' Cocktail can alleviate these symptoms with its combination of vitamin B complex, B12 and vitamin C formulated with glutathione and magnesium. 

Arizona IV Medics Is Here To Help

When you get a cold, you don't have to resign yourself to suffering through it. Arizona IV Medics provides mobile IV for cold symptoms that can reduce the duration of your cold and help you feel better during the process of recovery. 

We are available at 623-521-5034 to answer your questions and set up appointments, or you can feel free to contact us online for the information you need. With IV therapy from AZ IV Medics, you can conquer the common cold and get back on track fast.