IVs for Dehydration

Mobile IV Therapy For Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when your body is losing more fluid than you are taking in. The body eliminates water through two main functions: sweating and urine production. To rehydrate, you have to drink water and other beverages. The problem is, this route is an inefficient way to achieve optimal hydration. A better solution is IV fluids. Drip hydration for dehydration treatment can have you feeling revitalized in about an hour or less. 

dehydration iv drip

Recommended Dehydration IV:


Our recommended IV for the dehydration is the Myers' Cocktail with B Complex. This package will is ideal for even severe dehydration, as it features a saline solution along with six essential vitamins and nutrient

The vitamin B12 and complex of B vitamins 1-6 in the Myers' Cocktail serve to boost your energy to fight fatigue and other symptoms associated with dehydration.

Symptoms of Dehydration That Can Be Treated With an IV

Dehydration is an extremely common symptom of the cold as well as the flu, but it has its own symptoms that can be extremely uncomfortable. The following are possible results of dehydration from cold, flu and other sources: 

  • Nausea: Dehydration can actually make you nauseous, and if the nausea leads to vomiting, you'll suffer from worsening dehydration.
  • Dry mouth and skin: Your skin may appear dull and dry, and it may become more susceptible to damage when you're dehydrated. Dry mouth is also an indicator that you need to rehydrate.
  • Dark urine: The more dehydrated you are, the darker your urine will be. In some cases, you may have difficulty urinating at all. Please note that the vitamins present in the Meyers' Cocktail can result in the urine temporarily becoming bright yellow.
  • Fainting/light headed: Severe dehydration may even lead to a feeling of dizziness with postion changes.  This is caused by your body trying to raise your blood pressure to your brain, if your dehydrated, your blood pressure falls and your heart beats faster to compensate.  If you feel dizzy when you go from sitting to standing, it's likely you are what is called orthostatic, this is when your heart rate changes by more than 20 beats a minute, and your systolic blood pressure falls under 100, in some cases this can lead to a loss of consciousness and a syncopal (fainting) episode. 
  • Fatigue: Chronic dehydration can make you feel tired, listless and sleepy.

Dehydration IV treatment helps reduce and oftentimes eliminate many of these unpleasant and potentially dangerous symptoms.  Depending on what symptoms you have, you may want to see a doctor. Symptoms such as fainting are signs of severe dehydration.  Our team will assess your symptoms prior to administering any IV.

Full Hydration, Fast With IV Infusions 

Arizona IV Medics takes the work out of staying hydrated. We bring our equipment right to you and deliver full hydration in less time with IV fluids that go straight to the bloodstream for quick results. If you're ready to feel better, faster, call Arizona IV Medics at 623-521-5034 or get in touch with us online.