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hangover iv

IV Therapy For Hangovers in Arizona

Hangovers occur after having too many alcoholic drinks at one time. Overindulgence may have several effects on your body. Some of these effects include dehydration, headaches, inflammation, nausea and fatigue. Hangovers can last up to 72 hours, but you shouldn’t have to sleep away your day because of a hangover. You can alleviate your symptoms and feel better fast by using IV therapy.

At AZ IV Medics, our drip hydration IV hangover treatment knocks out hangover symptoms and helps you feel better fast by replenishing the fluids and vitamins that your body loses from alcohol dehydration. The IV bag usually contains a blend of saline, focused vitamins and medication to help you overcome hangovers. The exact medication will depend based on your symptoms and goals. However, the common medication you should expect in a hangover IV is anti-nausea medication to curb nausea.

myers cocktail iv

Recommended Hangover IV Package:


Our recommended IV for hangovers is the Myers' Cocktail. It has the vitamins and fluids to help alleviate symptoms of even the worst hangovers.

View our full list of prices and IV therapy packages, which start at $100.

What Causes a Hangover Anyway?

Too much alcohol affects your body in many ways. The diuretic effects of alcohol make you urinate more and dehydrate your body. Dehydration can result in several hangover symptoms, including headaches and dizziness. 

Alcohol also brings about gastrointestinal effects. Excess alcohol irritates your digestive system and increases the production of acid. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, the speed of food matter moving in the gastrointestinal tracts can also be affected, which leads to vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

Alcohol intake affects the level of electrolytes present in the body, as well. Electrolyte imbalances can lead to headaches, body weakness and irritability.

Other hangover symptoms are caused by alcohol's effects on the immune system and glucose production. Immune system impairments bring about hangover symptoms such as nausea and a lack of appetite, while inhibited glucose production causes low blood sugar, dizziness, fatigue and irritability.

What Are My Options for Feeling Better?

To cure the symptoms of a hangover, you need to rehydrate your body and provide it with the nutrients it's lacking. There are many methods you can use to replenish your body and feel better. Some of these hangover cures include eating, drinking lots of water, taking Advil and going to sleep. While these traditional methods may eventually get rid of a hangover, you may have to wait about 10 to 24 hours to feel relief.

You don’t have to waste 24 hours feeling awful. An IV for a hangover is the fastest method to reduce hangover symptoms. This is because the fluids and vitamins you need are infused straight into your bloodstream for faster absorption. Typically, you'll start to feel normal after about 30 minutes of IV treatment.

We Bring Hangover IVs to You

Arizona has a spectacular clubs scene, picturesque golf courses and football tailgates where you can join millions of other fans to watch your favorite team battle for supremacy. Arizona is also a popular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

If you had a great time in Arizona but went too hard at the party, you don’t have to walk around with a hangover. We’ll save you the hassle of traveling to an ER and spending hours in the waiting room. We come to you in your office, hotel room or home and give you an IV bag to ease your hangover symptoms. Let us know how you’re feeling, and we’ll be at your place within an hour. Our IV should help you feel normal and geared up for the day in a matter of minutes.

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There's power in numbers, and we put that power in your hands. We offer group discounts on our IV services. If you’re not the only one feeling a little blue after a night out partying with your crew, you can team up for a group IV treatment and save some bucks. Call or text us at 623-521-5034 to request treatment now or schedule a group treatment. Enjoy our huge group discounts and feel better together. Arizona IV Medics is your ideal partner for group IV hangover treatments.