IV Therapy For Nausea

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Nausea can make your life miserable, especially when it's persistent. There are many different conditions and circumstances that can cause nausea, but the end result is the same: You feel unable to do the things you normally do. Nausea affects your performance at work or school, holding you back from your life.

When nausea leads to vomiting, fluid loss is accelerated, and with on-going nausea it becomes impossible to overcome your bodies fluid deficit as you "can't even keep water down", this fluid loss depletes your body of vitamins, minerals & electrolytes, leading to cramping, and dehydration. Previously the only way to treat this condition was to wait the virus out until you can drink again, or to go to the emergency room for an IV infusion. Our solution is mobile IV therapy, we can treat both your dehydration and electrolyte loss, your cramping, and finally, your nausea with medication. The combination of hydration and nausea medicine is very effective in relieving even persistent nausea.


The Myers' Cocktail with Zofran

Our recommended IV for nausea is the Myers' Cocktail With Zofran. This IV will cost $200. The Myers' is $175, then $25 for the add-in of Zofran. This blend of medicines and vitamins will help you rehydrate and the antiemetic, Zofran, is known to prevent nausea and vomiting. Zofran/Ondestron is the medication we use to reduce and treat fluid loss, nausea & vomiting that can occur alongside a number of conditions.
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Who Uses IVs for Nausea?

When is an IV for nausea actually used? Below are the 5 most common reasons we get calls for nausea IVs.

1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, also known as nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is often one of the first signs that let a woman know she's pregnant. Unfortunately, NVP tends to be persistent and can be quite severe, especially when the mother-to-be is vomiting frequently. 

IV therapy with saline alone has been shown to improve self-reported morning sickness symptoms, and the addition of the vitamins and minerals of the Myers' Cocktail only improves the outcome for pregnant women.  We administer nausea medicine after the first trimester.  However, if you have a Rx from your OBGYN for nausea medication, regardless of trimester we can treat you with IV Zofran.  We also treat hyperemesis gravidarum, and have discounts available to cover the duration of the treatment. 

2. Cold and Flu

The most common advice for people down with a cold or flu is to get more fluids, since both illnesses result in dehydration. When drinking more water isn't cutting it, IV therapy is the way to go. You can hydrate and skip digestion, the fluids go directly into circulation and you will feel the effects immediately.  To boost your immune system we offer the Myers' cocktail, loaded with vitamin C, Glutathione, B12, B-complex, Zinc, and Magnesium. 

3. Car or Motion Sickness

It's no fun when the simple act of getting from place to place causes nausea and potentially vomiting. If you know you're going to need to take a plane, train or automobile to your next destination, prevent nausea from setting in with Zofran in your IV treatment.  We can help people suffering from vertigo induced nausea with the administration of Diphenahydamine, and nausea medication.  This combo is very effective in reliving the symptoms of vertigo. 

4. Hangover

The combination of symptoms present in a hangover can completely derail your day. IV therapy can quell your nausea, improve your energy level and stop your hangover from holding you back. We can quickly help resolve all the symptoms of a hangover, nausea, headache, and dehydration.  We help your body recover lost vitamins and antioxidants.  B vitamins are lost when drinking alcohol and Glutathione given in an IV can increase your liver's ability to process and metabolize the alcohol and it's by-products, for example, acetaldehyde. 

5. Food Poisoning

The nausea and vomiting from food poisoning are two of the worst surprises you can get after a meal. The most common causes of food poisoning lead to feeling symptoms for about a day or two, but you can cut that time, reduce your symptoms and maintain hydration with an IV therapy session, and alleviate your nausea so you can rest. 

Alleviate Nausea With AZ IV Medics

Whatever its source, nausea can cause immense discomfort and disrupt your life. With mobile IV therapy available from Arizona IV Medics, there's no excuse to suffer in silence. We bring the effectiveness of IV therapy right into your home so you can recover quickly and comfortably. Call 623-521-5034 or schedule your appointment online. We have you covered anywhere in the Valley including  Scottsdale and Tempe.  We also service Tucson, Lake Havasu, and Flagstaff!

Last Reviewed by Matt Heistan on June 22, 2020