Zinc IV Therapy

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Zinc IV Therapy

Zinc provides a host of amazing benefits to your body. It supports the immune system, prevents the invasion of harmful pathogens and is essential for proper cell division. Low levels of this wonderful trace metal can cause a multitude of unpleasant symptoms.

At Arizona IV Medics, we offer fully customized zinc IV therapy. Our IV hydration fluids contain a specially formulated blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. The treatments are customized depending on your symptoms, and we can add any supplements you need at your request. 

The best and perhaps most important part of receiving our zinc therapy is that we administer it through an IV. Therefore, it’s delivered directly into the cells of your body for maximum effect. 

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Our Cheapest Zinc IV - $125

Zinc can be added to our silver package as it's one add-in. The cost of $125 includes travel fees to anywhere in the Phoenix area, including Scottsdale, Tempe and beyond. We also now service Flagstaff, Mesa and Tucson, Arizona!

What Is Zinc, and What Are the Benefits?

Zinc is a wonder metal with numerous health benefits. It’s marketed as an effective remedy for the flu and cold. However, it’s used by the body for a variety of functions.

First, the body needs zinc to maintain regular and essential everyday functions such as hormone production, immunity, digestion, growth and cell repair. Zinc also has anti-inflammatory properties and provides several therapeutic benefits for such diseases as cancer and heart disease. Zinc also has antibacterial and immune support properties. It’s particularly beneficial to the skin, especially when combating acne.

Zinc is present in all the body’s tissues and is essential for proper cell division. It acts as a powerful antioxidant that can fight off free radicals and slow down the aging process. Zinc is also necessary for hormone production, and even a small deficiency may cause infertility. 

Recent research has linked zinc intake with improved mental function. Zinc combines with B-complex vitamins to boost the functioning of neurotransmitters, and it has been found in large quantities in the part of the brain that controls learning.

Zinc Deficiency and Symptoms

Zinc deficiency occurs when someone doesn’t consume foods that have zinc or has digestive disorders that make it difficult for the body to absorb zinc effectively. The highest levels of zinc are found in animal proteins, including meat and seafood. Zinc is also found in legumes and cereals, although the body can’t absorb this type of zinc because it has anti-nutrients that prevent zinc absorption.

Without sufficient zinc levels in the body, one may experience several adverse reactions such as frequent colds and flu, always feeling fatigued, poor skin health, poor concentration and the delayed healing of wounds.

Other signs of zinc deficiency include:

  • Craving salty or sweet foods
  • Altered taste and smell
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Infertility problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Hair loss and skin infections
  • Delayed wound healing

Who Is at Risk for Zinc Deficiency? 

People following a plant-based diet are at high risk for zinc deficiency because their diet doesn’t include animal protein, which is the most significant source of zinc. Likewise, people who have chronic gastrointestinal and digestive issues are also likely to be zinc deficient. 

Finally, women who are on birth control pills may be at a higher risk for zinc deficiency because these hormones interfere with the role of zinc. 

Add Zinc to Your IV: Call Now to Schedule

Because no one has zinc storage systems in their body, intravenous zinc therapy is necessary to supplement zinc levels and prevent deficiency. It plays an essential role in hormone production, immunity, digestion, growth and cell repair. If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, contact us to help you boost your zinc intake. Book an appointment with Arizona IV Medics and add some zinc to your IV treatment package today. Call or text us at 623-244-1483, or contact us online to schedule your in-home IV therapy today.