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June 8, 2020
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June 8, 2020

Mobile IV Therapy Now Serving Flagstaff

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Intravenous (IV) therapy in Flagstaff can help you recover from a hangover, rehydrate after climbing to the peak of Humphreys mountain, rejuvenate after hiking through the mountains of Flagstaff, alleviate altitude sickness and so much more.

Our IV infusions are specially formulated to help relieve the symptoms of various conditions and illnesses. Aside from offering pre-made formulas, we can create custom treatments to address specific health concerns and symptoms.

Unlike oral rehydration treatments that pass through the digestive system before getting to the cells and tissues of your body, there’s no waste with treatments administered through IV. Intravenous solutions are delivered straight to your bloodstream, and the body absorbs 100% of everything it needs. The ingredients in the formulas we use are made available for cells immediately.

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Flagstaff's Favorite IV:

Our best selling IV in Flagstaff, Arizona is the Myers' Cocktail. This IV costs $175. The Myers' Cocktail includes vitamin B complex, vitamin C, glutathione, iv fluids, and more! Our Myers' Cocktail is backed by hundreds of online reviews from those who felt better after getting theirs!

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Worn Out From Hiking the Mountains?

Are you worn out from hiking or just plain exhausted and stressed? The last thing you want is to trek to your local clinic to endure long lines while waiting for treatment.

We come to you whether you’re at your home, the ski resort, a hotel or anywhere else in Flagstaff! Our team will consult with you prior to treatment to learn more about your history and what you’re suffering from. Then, we'll recommend what we feel is the best IV package for you. Our registered nurses will come to your location and hook you up to an IV that has been specially formulated to relieve your symptoms and deliver the wellness you seek.

We’re generally at the patient's door within an hour of booking. We’re fast, efficient and affordable. But best of all, we allow you to relax and receive treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home, office or current location.

Arizona IV Medics uses highly trained, certified and registered nurses to provide you with the best therapy possible. Every drip is custom-made with the right vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, essential fluids and any prescribed medication you’re taking. You can sit back and relax because you’ll be getting quality IV treatment without having to visit a clinic or hospital emergency room.

IV Therapy Can Help With A Huge Range Of Issues!

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Aside from individual treatments, we also offer group IV therapy for special events, corporate parties and other large gatherings to ensure every invited guest enjoys the benefits of IV therapy. For group IV treatments, schedule an appointment early to ensure everything goes as planned.

Do you have any questions about mobile IV drip therapy or the ingredients and formulas we use? Please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Call or text us at 623-521-5034 or schedule your appointment online!

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Featured Nurses Serving Flagstaff

Our Flagstaff leads Brian Booth and Karina Carlson have over 40 years of combined experience, making them IV pros. Our team in Flagstaff has gone above and beyond to deliver the same level of exceptional service that has led to our 300+ perfect online reviews.

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Anywhere in the Flagstaff Area

We offer IV therapy throughout Flagstaff and all of the surrounding areas.  We can come to your home or office in Flagstaff and really any location wihtin a 30 mile radius of the City.  Our service area spans to Sedona, Winona, Bellemont, and beyond.  If you're wondering if we can service your area, simply contact us by giving us a call or sending us a text at 623-521-5034.  We can typically have a nurse at your location within one hour or less!

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Matt Heistan
Matt Heistan
Matt is the CEO of AZ IV Medics. Matt has over 15 years of experience in the emergency medicine field. Matt attended Westwood High School, Scottsdale Community College, and the University of Maryland where he received a BS in Psychology. Matt is a 10-year USAF veteran and has been an EMT since 1999. After separating from the USAF, Matt was hired by the Peoria AZ Fire Dept. where he has worked as a Firefighter Paramedic for the last 10 years. Matt is a life-long athlete, from college football to powerlifting, to Crossfit, to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.