What to Know When Hiking Near Phoenix

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November 23, 2020
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What to Know When Hiking Near Phoenix


The best time to go hiking in Phoenix is in the spring from March to May or winter from December to February. This is when the desert is in bloom, the weather is the most temperate and you’re able to take advantage of all the outdoor activities Arizona has to offer.

December is one of the best times to go on outdoor adventures in Arizona because the weather has typically cooled down to the mid-60s during the day.

We want to share with you some of the best hiking spots to visit near Phoenix, plus some tips on the importance of staying hydrated during and after hiking.

Best Hikes Near Phoenix

Ask anyone what comes to mind when they think of Phoenix, Arizona, and they may tell you the following — breathtaking sunsets, pleasant winters, summer rain showers, refreshing lakes, desert flowers and mountain vistas.

Hiking near Phoenix is best during cooler months, and early- and late-day outings can be comfortable year-round. Many high-elevation areas maintain cooler temperatures than the city. Here are six hikes you do not want to miss in Phoenix:

1. Tom’s Thumb Trail

Snap a thumbs-up photo with this trail’s signature formation after enjoying desert flora and boulder fields along the way. This trail is an excellent choice for those who want some challenging elevation and picture-worthy shots.

2. Lost Dog Wash Trail

Lost Dog Wash Trail to Ringtail Trail Loop is a 4.4-mile loop trail near Scottsdale, Arizona, known for its stunning wildflowers and moderate climb.

This trail is perfect for dog-lovers — as long as dogs are kept on a leash — and offers a wide range of activities year-round.

3. Sunrise Peak Trail

This 3.6-mile heavily trafficked out-and-back trail near Fountain Hills, Arizona, is rated as moderate and offers the chance to see wildlife. This is a great trail if you’re into trail running or hiking.

4. Camelback Mountain Hike Trail

The summit of Camelback is one of the highest hikes in Phoenix and features a 2,704-foot climb. If you want to get a glimpse of arguably the best view in Phoenix and enjoy the challenge of steep slopes and hopping boulders, this is the trail for you.

5. Piestewa Peak Summit Trail

The Piestewa Peak Summit Trail takes a close second to Camelback Mountain for hikers seeking a big scenic payoff and a challenging trek.

6. Pinnacle Peak Hike Trail

Soak up panoramic desert views as you hike a 2,750-foot incline on the well-maintained, gradual Pinnacle Peak Hike Trail.

Hiking Tip: Stay Hydrated With Mobile IV Therapy in Phoenix!

Because maintaining body fluids is essential for sweating, staying hydrated while hiking will help you relish your time on the trail while hiking near Phoenix. Fortunately, staying hydrated is easy with IV therapy.

Arizona IV Medics offers in-home IVs for dehydration to help you hydrate right from the comfort of your own home. We provide supervised IVs, such as the Myers’ Cocktail, that help your body achieve concentrations of nutrients not otherwise obtainable with oral administration. The Myers’ Cocktail is infused with the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals your body needs to recover from intense physical activity.

Whether you live in Flagstaff, Lake Havasu, Phoenix, Tucson or Scottsdale, our team of paramedics and nurses will arrive within one hour of when you contact us to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it.

Schedule an IV Therapy Appointment Online Today

If you’re looking for an Arizona IV therapy provider to prepare for or recover from a hiking excursion, know there’s help.

Reach out to AZ IV Medics to learn more about how we can help you prepare for an enjoyable hiking trip near Phoenix or alleviate your dehydration symptoms. Book an IV therapy appointment online today whenever you’re ready!

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Matt Heistan
Matt Heistan
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